Hands are the best tools in the world. That’s our philosophy at livingthings. We have a profound respect for traditional craftsmanship and ancient techniques and our products emphasize small and innovative manufacturers who produce simple, elegant and functional designs. We especially love to work with companies who specialize in natural materials or recycled and repurposed products.


But livingthings is not just about recycling. It’s our belief that objects have souls. Here, chairs become cutting boards, furniture strips transform into totes, and rolled washi paper is crafted into elegant lanterns. The idea behind our company is to capture and distill the living essence of these objects, and transform them into something useful without sacrificing its native grace.


Currently, all of our items are designed and crafted by Tokyo-based designer Takumi Shimamura, who sources organic materials — Japanese woods, papers, leathers, and fabrics — and collaborates with craftsmen who use a combination of innovative and time-honored Japanese techniques. But like its namesake, livingthings will grow and evolve to encompass new designers from all over the world. And most important, each object will continue to tell the story of its own unique life.